World Cup Soccer Wives and Girlfriends

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Photos of the 2018 World Cup Players’ Wives and Girlfriends

He was born and raised in Portugal and when he was just 15 years old, he underwent surgery to correct a disorder that caused him to have an irregular heartbeat. The year-old footballer has accomplished many achievements in his year career. At his home, his walls are filled with countless trophies, including four European Golden Shoes, a European Championship trophy, and five European Cups.

Is he married? Is he dating anyone?

why do footballers date models, their fake, why cant they go for a normal girl!

Famous football stars are the same. Therefore, many of us may wonder how their lives are like, behind the scene. So, there is no doubt that behind every football player, there is a glamorous and hot, wife or girlfriend. To know these women, today we are taking a look at some of the hottest wags in the football world. The first player to talk about is Iker Casilla.

Born on 20 May , Casillas is known as one of the best goalkeepers in the world. She is three years younger than Casillas as she was born on 3 February in Spain. She studied Journalism as her bachelor’ degree and became a Spanish sports journalist. Five years later, their first son was born in January and later in November , the couple announced they were expecting their second child. Eventually, Sara Carbonero and Iker Cassillas got married on 20 March while they welcomed their new baby on 2 June , who was named Lucas.

Unfortunately, in May , Sara revealed she had to undergo surgery to remove a malignant tumor as she was diagnosed with cancer. She continued her treatment with chemotherapy and thankfully, she is currently fine. He met Rita Johal, whom he later got married to in The aspiring pop star was born on 21 August in England and is currently famous as a model and an Instagram influencer.

Neymar’s mother dating gamer who is six years younger than the PSG star!

The model and running back for the Carolina Panthers have hit the six-month dating mark and they’re still going strong. The Victoria’s Secret model got engaged to the New York Giants wide receiver in December and wed just four months later in March The couple welcomed their first daughter , Cali, into the world in August They’re currently expecting another child , making them a family of four! Washington and former Oakland Raider, Asomugha, kept their relationship totally hidden until they married in

Why Do Black Footballers Marry White Women? Beauty is the main factor, which is why many footballers date/marry white European models.

A lot of the top athletes are in their own right, major celebrities. While some are pretty nondescript, dedicate themselves to their sport and like to go about their business quietly, others hang in celebrity circles. Celebrities tend to attract celebrities. But a lot of athletes tend to be attracted to and form relationships with a certain type of celebrity; models. There are no shortage of model WAGs in the sporting world.

These athletes have all dated models at one point or another. Here are 10 athletes that have dated models and six who are still with their model partners. Former boxer Floyd Mayweather has been with his fair share of women over the years. Among those he has dated is Shantel Jackson. Cristiano Ronaldo is without a doubt one the best and most famous soccer players on the planet.

Derek Jeter has a reputation for being the playboy of the sporting world.

Is Cristiano Ronaldo Married?

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she is a Brazilian actress and model. Julio Cesar is two years younger than Susana Werner. Susana was dating Brazilian Ex-Footballer Ronaldo from –

Terry, in partnership with Tinder, have announced that the app will only be available for professional footballers. We also plan to offer the services to other sportsmen in the near future. One golfer in particular has declared an interest. We all slip-up every now and then. Some of us lose the Premier League title.

Some of us lose the European Cup. Shit happens. Suitable for: Lower level Premier League player. Jonathan Walters. Saido Berahino. Profiles can be seen on a national level with some of the most beautiful women in the country just a swipe left away. Reality tv and even some tv presenters available but come with an over inflated ego and sense of entitlement.

Suitable for: One of the elite richest players in world football.

The women behind the great men of the World Cup

Alena Seredova is a showgirl, performer, sports chief and model from the Czech Republic. She got married to the Italian football player Gianluigi Buffon in , and the marriage lasted till Alena Seredova have two children with Gianluigi Buffon. Even though she is separated from Gianluigi Buffon, her stunning looks helped her to get on this list.

WAGs (or Wags) is an acronym used to refer to wives and girlfriends of high-​profile Rebekah Vardy reportedly stated that “Wag is a dated term because we’​re not The singer Jamelia (whose footballer boyfriend, Darren Byfield, played for in the context of cricket: for example to model Minki van der Westhuizen, who had.

So what are models if not normal girls? Its a complex thing. See most sports people are not well educated and not so well brought up. Don’t misunderstand me, let me finish. A lot of them are school drop-outs and live on the streets. While you and I are in school reading, they are on the streets playing.

Now, they never expect that they can be famous someday and come close to those beautiful people models, etc. So when it happens they really can’t control themselves. They do everything to the extreme.

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Luka Jovic — a star striker for Real Madrid — broke quarantine last week in order to see his model girlfriend Jovic, along with the rest of his teammates, were advised to stay in two-week isolation in Spain earlier this month after a Real Madrid basketball player tested positive for coronavirus. For good reason, there have been more than 2, deaths and 40, cases in Spain alone since the pandemic began. But, Jovic reportedly broke quarantine in order to fly back home to Serbia to see his pregnant girlfriend, Sofija Milosevic , last Thursday President Aleksandar Vucic has reportedly claimed the year-old soccer star is under investigation Serbian prime minister Ana Brnabic reportedly added after learning of the incident, “We have negative examples of football stars who earn millions abroad and when they come back to Serbia, they don’t self-isolate as is obligatory.

As well as the legions of sport lovers, many of the players are world, with the soccer stars dating athletes from the WNBA, MLB players, MLS.

Soccer players have recently garnered a reputation for dating the finest women in the world. The majority of players have models, actresses and pop sensations on their arms. There are not many players who you would let your daughter date because, well, there are not many people you would let your daughter date. That being said, here is a list of 10 players you could feel comfortable letting your daughter see. The year-old has already had great success for both Borussia Dortmund and the German National team.

Last season, Gotze scored eight total goals and had eight assists. His poor choice in swimwear aside, Gotze seems to be a very well-to-do player. His playing career is just beginning, and for that reason his list of girlfriends is not very long. Manchester City have recently relied on striker Edin Dzeko to bail them out of some poor starts. Dzeko, who is currently dating Bosnian actress Amra Silajdzic, will look to build on his already solid form for Manchester City.

Gerard Pique is not only a brilliant defender for Barcelona and the Spanish national team; he is also highly sought after by women.

Celebs Who Are Dating Or Married To Athletes

Fifty-two-year-old Nadine took to Instagram to make her relationship public. As per reports, Ramos is a model and also part of a gaming team called 4K Easy. He has also admitted to being a fan of Neymar.

Soccer players have recently garnered a reputation for dating the finest The majority of players have models, actresses and pop sensations on their arms. There are not many players who you would let your daughter date because, well,​.

If you ask most people what they know about footballers they will list the obvious perks of their profession. These include hefty weekly wages, luxurious vacations, expensive cars, huge mansions and of course, dating attractive women. Footballers are known for attracting women like how their governing body FIFA attracts scandals. These women range from models to singers to actresses and going out with them is sure to make one the envy of the town, not to mention the team.

Some women grow up aspiring to date footballers. A shopping trip here and a haircut there, they will do whatever it takes to improve their appearance and make themselves stand out. They then frequent the players’ favourite haunts in the hope that one of them will take notice. This tactics have worked for some while others have been left lamenting over their wasted efforts. Their motivations are usually varied however. Some date them to raise their profile in order for their careers to flourish, others just want fame, fortune and the luxury of not having to work for a living while some genuinely do it for love.

The reality is that some of these footballers are just a bunch of players excuse the pun looking for a good time and nothing more. This however, has not deterred some women from dating more than one. It could be a coincidence or some may just have a thing for footballers. Thus, players often find themselves seeing another’s ex.

U.S. women’s soccer equal pay fight: What’s the latest, and what’s next?

Yes, male athletes tend to have gorgeous partners but we think we may finally be able to end the debate as to which sport has the best looking wives and girlfriends. Cristiano Ronaldo’s Russian supermodel girlfriend Irina Shayk is a supermodel for a reason A post shared by irinashayk irinashayk on Apr 16, at pm PDT.

Milan striker and team Italy player Mario Balotelli scored bigtime when he put a ring on his Belgian model girlfriend, Fanny Neguesha.

Professional football is an interesting sport, especially for the players. a look at the top professional footballers who have dated the same woman. The former Miss Spain, who now works as a model and moderator dated.

The U. But the battle with U. How do other sports match up? What has happened since the World Cup? Here is a primer on one of the biggest topics in sports right now — which we will continue to update as more news happens:. On August 14, mediation talks broke down between the USSF and the women’s soccer team , with a spokesperson for the players saying they “eagerly look forward to a jury trial.

On Aug.

Top 20 hottest footballers’ WAGs (wives and girlfriends)

By Zach Tropf on June 11th, Editors Note : This article was originally published in April We have re-featured it now for the World Cup, however it has not been updated to keep up with the latest in hot WAGdom. Influenced by the lifestyles of some prominent real-life wives, such as Victoria Beckham, the characters were scandalous, often cold-hearted, and the show featured more gold diggers than California circa Although the label WAG had yet to come into the lexicon, the kind of stereotypes these women portrayed was nothing new.

Footballers are known for attracting women like how their governing body FIFA attracts scandals. These women range from models to singers.

Here are some of the most beautiful soccer player’s wife in the world. They started dating in September and now have 3 children together. Rumors are going around that the pair got married secretly over the years after Sergio was seen with a ring. She is very popular and has over 2 million Instagram followers. Polly is a British TV presenter, a model, and an actress.

The couple started dating in after Parsons called it off with Sid Owen, who she dated for 6 years. She and Vermaelen got Married in Italy in , and their two children were present at the wedding. Lena Stiffel and Julian Draxler are probably together for years, since they were teens. They are both 24 and studied in the same school, where the long-term relationship started.

Top 10 Celebrities Dating Or Married To Soccer Players