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Want to join a student startup? Have an idea, but need a partner? This is the night for you. We invest in university-based companies, and are led by student investors. The fund is backed by Founders Factory. The evening will start with three live pitches with feedback from the audience, and then a matchmaking session to meet startups and founders working on exciting ideas across Oxford. Wine and snacks provided. Dr Stuart Wilkinson gives advice on business ideas and how to manage them.

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Together with Arctic15, one of the leading startup-investor matchmaking events, we are determent to find new ways to serve the ecosystem and facilitate access to capital for startups. The results are now published and here are some of the key findings. The willingness to participate in an online matchmaking event is very high. With the removal of face-to-face events until further notice, the need to connect with new people is still vivid.

Business Matchmaking events are a great platform to establish valuable connections and unique business opportunities. Whether you are a.

The Romanian and CEE startup ecosystems are at a consolidating stage, with more and more startups popping up, 12 companies reaching the unicorn status , numerous educational programs, incubators and accelerators to choose from, a tight-knit community that learns and works together, and great access to local capital, both public and private. And this is where Startup Matchmaking comes in to give a helping hand.

The Community. First and foremost, Startup Matchmaking is a community made of fast-growing startups, future startup founders and professionals that want to be part of such companies. It is the place where you can share your opened positions, you can find your startup job, meet your future co-founder s and access the resources to accomplish all of the above. We really appreciate when you take your time to give us your feedback so we can do a better job for the startup community.

Speaking of community, it would be great to also meet together in person from time to time! Therefore, we plan to organize a series of meetups where we can learn from the best professionals in the industry and network with our fellow peers. Our guest speakers will share from their experience what people assume being part of a startup is like and what life in a startup is all about.

So be sure to bring your dying questions as we can assure you that Andreia , Irina , and Oana are ready to talk to you about the subject all night long. Now, the Co-founders event comes in to help discover your match. You pitch your project and who you are looking to join your team, the participants introduce themselves and the magic happens at the networking session.

This is a process that takes time and you should thoroughly build the trust needed so that your working relationship can be a successful one. There are nevertheless other benefits that you can get from such an event.

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Switzerland’s best corporates use our unrivaled network in the Swiss and European startup ecosystems to complement their strategic corporate venture capital investments, and build early-mover advantages against global rivals. They use our matchmaking services to develop pipelines of early-stage candidates for pilot projects, as well as later-stage scaling opportunities and acquisition targets.

Over the past 15 years, Venturelab has shaped Switzerland’s startup community through thousands of interactions with the country’s best entrepreneurs. Our matchmaking will allow you and your team time to focus with founders, for the most-efficient sweep of the competitive landscape and technologies, in a half-day or full-day session.

Matchmaking & Business Development. Save time & money. For Startups it often takes hundred of emails and meetings to get in touch with customers and.

We detect the challenges of the demand side and tap our international network to select the companies that suit better to solve their needs. This a win-win formula for everyone involved. We get coordinated with your team to be on your side along the identification of those business opportunities – with a high impact on your strategy.

Once detected, we select the best companies for you to choose your tech partner. They asked Ticbiomed for advice. The most suitable proposals had the opportunity to pitch in front of a MSD committee. Winners started a co-creation process with MSD. Ticbiomed has walked side by side with the MSD innovation team through all the phases.

Both and editions have been successful. Through our European network, we would select those providers more suitable for your project.

Startup-investor online matchmaking survey’s results

TechChill is all about connections, and we want to help you make better ones by increasing your visibility. More visibility leads to better meetings, deals, and leads. And that is where Matchmaking comes in. At TechChill, two of the ways for startups to be more visible is through matchmaking and through the networking app.

with the innovative solutions of startups, scale-ups and other tech companies. MediaMatters scouts and organizes matchmaking events and challenges.

Meet the startups currently being supported in these countries. Experience remarkable business models, get in touch with startups in your industry and get connected. Select your best match! Market Sector. Clean Energy. Geothermal energy. Waste to energy.

Startup-Investor Online Matchmaking Survey – The Results

The main goal of the survey was to find out more information on how to conduct business and do investments online without the possibility of face-to-face meetings. While analyzing the results, we discovered several interesting things and decided to highlight a few ones first before letting you dig in deeper. The willingness to participate in an online matchmaking event is very high. With the removal of face-to-face events until further notice the need to connect with new people is still vivid.

So both are very optimistic? Better to prepare for some tough negotiations ahead, but in a positive way.

Matchmaking Tool is an application available exclusively for startups, investors and corporates and executives. This is the exquisite networking platform used for​.

Tuesday, April 11, Finding a co-founder for your startup, or join one yourself? Visit our matchmaking event on April 11! This event takes place at UtrechtInc on April It starts at until and participation is free of charge. A strong, complementary team has a greater chance of success than a single entrepreneur. Reinforced startups possess more talent and knowledge and have a greater capacity to grow. Who can join our matchmaking?

Specialised in, for example, Business Development, Sales, Finance, Operations, IT and Marketing Matchmaking After your registration we will inform you about the business propositions and participants that applied.


Adam Green. After befriending a homeless man outside a London tube station over a period of months, Alex Stephany, a lawyer-turned-tech entrepreneur, realised how temporary a solution socks and sandwiches are to those with little prospect of finding stable, paid work. The costs of retraining can be prohibitive for those living on the streets and in homeless shelters — not just the direct fees but also travel and childcare. Eighty per cent of its users — typically long-term unemployed living in homeless shelters — have started work in their target job, from electricians to accountants.

We are connecting people who want to help, with the people who need it.

This New Mentorship Matchmaking App is a Tinder for Startups. Meet your dream mentor/mentee with new Saudi app, Mashora, launched by.

It brings to mind scenes in which two strangers sit awkwardly facing each other, closely watched by their parents and not knowing what to say. Fear not, though, because matchmaking in the 21st century is nothing like it used to be two hundred years ago. Nowadays, it uses AI algorithms and is fully voluntary. The concept has also expanded well beyond romantic matches. You can now get matched or connected with employees you seek, caterers you need for your business, or people who could clean your home or fix your tech issues.

Take a look at ten companies aiming to revolutionise our personal and business lives with state-of-the-art matchmaking technologies! Let’s start with matchmaking in the more traditional sense of the word, that is matching two people in an attempt to begin a romantic relationship between them. Lovoo does just that, but it tries to go beyond the way people look. This startup encourages people to develop their profiles and stories so that it can match them with others who share their interests and lifestyles.

Since its launch in , Lovoo has gone from strength to strength, reaching its first million users in January Now, the company boasts an impressive 70,, registered users with 5 million active users monthly seeking their significant other.

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The event consists of 5-minute pitching sessions and negotiation modules. After the pitches, there will be a networking session to allow these various groups of people to interact and find potential collaborators. Last year, our startups received great attention from the investors and people looking for employment opportunities. He also pointed out the importance of providing innovative mechanisms to facilitate the necessary funding needs for these start-ups especially in the early stages and that is by approaching the largest number of investors in one pool.

Tue, Apr 11, , PM: Finding a co-founder for your startup, or join one yourself? Visit our matchmaking event on April 11!UtrechtInc, an.

Founded – Startup Matchmaking is a matchmaking app that helps early-stage entrepreneurs to discover startup people nearby. You can search for talented people by skills, meet like-minded people and find co-founders for your startup. Hacker: A hacker is a person who can build digital products. They can bring any internet idea into reality. Hipster: A Hipster is a person who can make products prettier and easy to use. They relate code, art and user needs.

Startup Undeveloped, Ali Sardeha